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Signs Your Car Audio Needs New Speakers

April 17, 2024
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Have you noticed the audio quality in your vehicle sounding a little off lately? Regardless of the kind of music you prefer and how loud you prefer to listen to it, the reality is that original manufacturer speakers are designed with the lowest cost being the driving factor and therefore are subject to many failure points and poor sound quality. If the sound in your vehicle has become less reliable, but you aren’t sure if you need a new speaker system just yet, below are some of the top signs it’s time for an upgrade. Read on to learn more!

Distorted Sound Quality

Distorted audio is one of the first signs of a blown (or about to blow) speaker and often manifests in the form of crackling, buzzing, or muffled tones that get worse over time. Once you start to notice distortion, there’s typically a short window before the speaker dies completely, meaning it’s time to look at a fix as quickly as possible.

Rattling or Vibrating Sounds

While heavy bass may result in some normal reverb (after all, who doesn’t love to rock out on the road?), if you’re hearing unusual rattles or noticing increasing vibrations while listening to the audio, there’s a high likelihood that something is damaged. Loose components and compromised speaker cones can result in parts rattling when sound is being played, creating telltale noises that say that it’s time to replace your speakers or at the very least have a professional determine the cause and provide a game plan to get you up and going again.

Uneven Sound Distribution

Have you noticed an uneven balance with your music, no matter the genre or how much you adjust your in-vehicle media settings? Inconsistent sound distribution is a common symptom of ageing speaker systems and older technology and is a sign that you either need a repair or an upgraded source unit, or audio components that allows for optimal performance.

Lack of Range

Your vehicle’s audio system is comprised of multiple types of speakers designed to accommodate a variety of sounds within a certain range. If high or low-pitched frequencies seem to be faltering, emitting a high-pitched squeal or low growl, or missing altogether, you may be dealing with a blown speaker.

No Sound at All

Finally, the most obvious sign that your audio system needs an overhaul is when it stops emitting sound at all. There are a wide variety of issues that can lead to an audio failure, including blown speakers, amplifier issues, or even a wiring malfunction. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to take a closer look sooner rather than later and, more than likely, start looking at replacement units and upgrade.

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