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Are Radar Detectors on YOUR Radar?

April 17, 2024
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As we all know, the Greater Edmonton Area, as well as parts of rural and urban Alberta as a whole, are prolific in their use of photo radar traps in a bid to slow down excessive speeders on our roads. Whether you agree with the practice or not, there’s no denying that coming up on an unexpected speed strap can be nerve-jarring to drivers and potentially dangerous outcomes due to motorists “rubbernecking” and hitting their brakes abruptly.

While the use of radar as a whole remains a hot-button issue across the province, it opens the door to additional discussions as to how drivers can help protect themselves and remain more aware of their speed and surroundings while operating a vehicle. Radar scanners offer far more than just the ability to spot speed taps in advance; when used properly, they can enhance and inform your driving for the safety of everyone on the road.

At Certified Radio, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of in-vehicle entertainment and enhancement systems, including dash cams and more.  Below, we’ll explore some of the top benefits of installing a radar system . Read on to learn more!

Stay Alert and Avoid Speed Traps

Let’s address the biggest and most obvious perk first: radar detectors, just like the name suggests, are designed to help users identify radar enforcement zones and speed traps. Getting a heads-up notice makes it easier to slow down to the appropriate speed and avoid costly fines and tickets. Bear in mind that radar detection does not mean you should go above the speed limit and that drivers must always ensure that their speed and maneuvering match conditions to keep everyone safe on the road.

 Enhance Driving Safety

Beyond helping you avoid speed traps, radar detectors can also contribute to overall driving safety. Many people are unaware that construction sites have started to use radar drones that emit electromagnetic signals and often contain radar-based speed monitoring devices in work zones. Radar detectors can help alert you to areas where construction is present (and where speed traps may often be hiding).

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Driving in new areas and/or on busy highways can be stressful. Worrying about enforcement zones and speed limits can cause unnecessary anxiety and distraction, lowering the overall quality of your driving. While radar detectors should never be used to go around the law, they can offer peace of mind by making sure you’re aware of your speed and aren’t caught off guard by sudden speed traps (which can be jarring, even if you’re going the speed limit), and allowing you to focus on the main task at hand.

Legal Considerations

Just like drivers should be aware that radar detectors do not give you permission to speed or drive dangerously, it’s also important to be aware of all local regulations regarding the use of radar in your vehicle. At present, radar detectors are only allowed to be used in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This means that even if you purchased and use your device predominantly in legal areas, you must be aware of any legal changes if you commute to areas with different legislation. In short: don’t chance it.

Choose the Right Radar System

When selecting a radar detector for your vehicle, there are several factors to keep in mind. Look for features such as long-range radar detection, advanced filtering capabilities to reduce false alerts, and GPS functionality for precise location-based alerts and consider whether you prefer a portable or integrated radar detector setup, depending on your vehicle’s layout and your personal preferences.

Radar Detectors and More

Certified Radio offers a wide range of radar detectors, dash cams and more alongside industry-leading customer service and installation experience. Contact our team today to learn more, or visit us in-store!