At Certified Radio our installers are always in training. Each location has a shop foreman who inspects installations daily to make sure they meet and exceed our quality control level.

Each vehicle no matter if it is a 2011 Lamborghini or a 1979 Lincoln gets treated with the same respect we treat our own personal vehicles with.

Certified Radio only uses high quality shop materials when working on customer’s vehicles. We try to mimic our friends in the car dealer business in our quality levels to keep them at manufacturer’s quality level.

Our installs are checked multiple times before leaving by the install shop foreman’s and by the management and or the sales staff to ensure we have everything looking great and the vehicle leaves in top shape.

Why Use Certified Radio?

We will treat each vehicle investment like it is our own, with the utmost respect and care. We aim for every customer to leave happy and feeling great about their experience.

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