Remote Starter FAQ

Here are some answers for some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the installation take?

Answer: We book all vehicles for the day. If you need your vehicle within a certain time frame please let your customer service rep know upon booking and we will try our best to accommodate. All vehicles are typically dropped off between 8am and 8:30am. Certified Radio is a reputable company and we stand behind our work. If there are any electrical challenges we recommend bringing it back to us first so we can take a look at it. Some car dealers also would like the car starter unplugged so they can better diagnose what is going on and have the aftermarket accessories out of the equation.

Will the Remote Starter Void my factory warranty?

Answer: No, when systems are professionally installed they will work properly with the vehicles electrical system. The manufacturer cannot void a new car warranty just because you have chosen to have non-factory accessories installed.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Answer: Please bring 2 ignition keys and your factory key fob. Some integration modules need two keys to program our interface. If you do not have two keys, please inform us.

Can you still install a remote car starter even though my car has a transponder chip in my key?

Answer: Yes. We have many different transponder integration modules that will work with vehicles. These modules shut down the transponder long enough to start the vehicle and then turn them back on.

Can I still get a car starter if my vehicle has push-button start (smart key)?

Answer: Yes. For most vehicles with a smart-key with push button start we can install a car starter. The installation process is a bit different in such a case but it’s not a problem. Some push button start vehicles will shut down upon opening the door of the vehicle, and you have to restart the vehicle.

My car has a car starter in it, but I don’t have a fob or know what kind it is. What can I do?

Answer: Please stop by the store or call and describe your antenna or remote type to us. It is helpful even if you could take a photo from a smartphone of the type of antenna that is on the windshield behind your rear view mirror. We will try to see if it’s a model we carry or some other unit from some other brand, and try to direct you to a solution.

I think my buddy can install it, is that safe?

Answer: Due to the complex nature of remote car starter systems we strongly suggest leaving the installation to a trained qualified technician. Certified Radio has a Lifetime warranty on our installation services.

My car has a standard transmission. Can you still install a car starter?

Answer: Yes. All new remote car starter units are designed to safely work on a shift stick vehicle. The installation process takes a little longer but we have done them for over 10 years.

My truck is a diesel, can it be remote started?

Answer: Yes. We have remote car starter systems that are designed to work with diesel engines. They have a programmable timer that we set for each vehicle’s glow plug circuit.

My old 1990 Ford Tempo was like $299 for a car starter, how come it’s way more expensive now on my 2014 vehicle?

Answer: As vehicles evolve and get better, so do their complex electronics systems. Certified Radio only uses the best integration modules and supplies for working on your vehicle. This picture is an example of all the different electronics that are in a newer car for example. Compared to years ago it’s a night and day difference in complexity.

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