Back Up Camera Systems

Their ultra-sensitive rear and front parking sensors provide reliable warnings at up to 6-foot range, and they send feedback to monitors for displaying digital information on nearby obstruction distances. Rear observation cameras cover a wider swath of viewing in the rear. Housings are made of high grade and weather-resistant metal. Our LCD monitors display vivid, full-color images in high resolution. With Audiovox & Advent, you’re driving with all senses engaged…even a sixth one behind you. Discover more…



 Zone Defense® is the manufacturer and distributor of quality heavy duty camera systems for rear and side view vehicle use. They provide various camera styles for multi use applications as well as sensor, recording and navigational equipment.
Zone Defense – They know quality.
Zone Defense systems are designed for quick install with little impact on your production line or service/fleet maintenance departments.
Zone Defense’s products make it safer for you and those who share the road with you. Quality, value and service is what you will find in all Zone Defense products.
Please contact certified radio to design a system for you: Discover more…

Rydeen can bring new products to market quickly to proactively supply the needs and wants of a more demanding, technology savvy consumer base. And by employing efficient design and manufacturing methods, as well as selectively choosing our resell partners. Rydeen has new cool innovative products and a huge choice of cameras and monitors, tailgate handle cameras and commercial vehicle solutions. Discover more…

Check out this Rydeen Camera parking system

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