Radar Detectors

Escort operate under one simple premise: Provide customers with the best products and services period. Escort has the finest engineers, a state of the art manufacturing facility and a focus on quality that is second to none. Escort has sold more than 10 million detectors and automotive products that help you Drive Smarter, with the goal to exceed your expectation on every unit we sell. Drive with peace of mind and security. This links you to Escort’s American website for information, You cannot purchase products through them. They do not ship to CANADA  Discover more…*

 K40 Radar has been making radar detectors since 1981. There are K40 dash mounted models for radar and laser detection. They also have a built in radar detector system with front and rear radar pick up antennas.
A model called the G5 even offers a laser defuser system. K40 detectors have a special K band filter for false alerts from collision avoidance systems and lane assist and active cruise controls. With great features like K40’s “Quiet Ride” you can setup a minimum speed that eliminates all audible alerts until the set speed is exceeded. They are the first radar detector company that offers a Ticket-Free Guarantee for the first year of ownership of the radar unit. Discover more…

Radenso Pro SE radar detector is the most sensitive, windshield mounted radar detector in the world delivering unmatched performance with the longest radar detection range on K and Ka band.
We believe that a radar detector can never be too sensitive especially when traveling on curvy hilly roads where the extra sensitivity and extreme off-axis performance can make the difference between a ticket or a save!
This unit has Auto City mode with selectable band filtering.
Due to its extremely small size it is the perfect detector for any low rise car like sports cars or convertibles. Think twice before you clutter your windshield with a refrigerator-sized radar detector!
This Unit detects MRCD Multa Radar, the system used by photo radar vehicles in many areas.

*Links to an American web site which may have U.S pricing. Please contact Certified Radio for Canadian Retail prices.

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