LED Lighting

Heise LED Lighting, by Metra Electronics are exclusively developed and manufactured to meet all international standards.
Our range of lighting integrates advanced thermal management, short circuit and open circuit protection and many other innovative features.
All products undergo rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and again before leaving the factory.
Metra’s history, experience and approach to engineering and manufacturing ensure that their products stand out among the competitors and are the highest quality lights available on the market. Discover More…

ODX provides the best headlight bulbs solutions on the market. ODX Halogen and LED lightning solutions are the premium brand and offers the highest quality components including a simple install process. ODX provides high performance aftermarket lightning solutions for the motor vehicle industry and aftermarket consumers and has been designing and manufacturing products since 2010 and continue to utilize the best technologies and newest components to make the highest quality products. Discover More…


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