Escort REDLINE 360C

$1,379.95 CAD

4-band radar and laser detector

Model No: REDLINE360C


Escort’s REDLINE360 is their flagship product that boasts unprecedented detection range and accuracy.


  • Extreme Range
  • Exceptional Accuracy using AI-Assisted filtering
  • Rapid Response times, and faster alerts
  • Triple antenna design for 2x The range compared to Previous Escort Models
  • Compatible with Escort Live
  • Access to Defender Database (Camera Locations)
  • Auto-Learning Intelligence to continuously learn and remember to silence false signals
  • Intelligent Speed Sensitivity automatically adjusts sensitivity based on speed to reduce false alerts and maximize accuracy
  • GPS and Bluetooth Enabled
  • Bands: X/K/KN1-KN4/MultaRadar CD/MultaRadar CT/Ka/KaN1-KaN9/Ka-POP/Laser/TSR/RDR
  • Total Shield Stealth Technology – cannot be detected by Radar Detector Detectors.
  • Easy Mag – Magnetic Mount



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