$1,399.99 CAD

4-band radar and laser detector

Model No: MAXCAM360


Escorts’s MAXCAM360C is engineered to deliver exceptional detection & video protection. It’s everything you want in a complete driver alert system. You get exceptional detection range and sensitivity with the same Blackfin 706 DSP and SDR AD 9363 chips in the flagship Redline 360c radar detector, with the 360 degree directional arrows so you can react and adjust to the location of the alert.


  • Premium Range
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Compatible with Escort Live
  • Access to Defender Database (Camera Locations)
  • Auto-Learning Intelligence to continuously learn and remember to silence false signals
  • Intelligent Speed Sensitivity automatically adjusts sensitivity based on speed to reduce false alerts and maximize accuracy
  • GPS and Bluetooth Enabled
  • Bands: X/K/KN1-KN4/Ka/KaN1-KaN10/Ka-POP/Laser/TSR
  • Multaradar CD and CT detection
  • Built in Dash Camera – 2K @ 30fps Recording



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