Product Focus – “The W7”

May 27, 2019

A quick run through with Darryl Dahl

Nowhere in car audio history has there been a subwoofer line that has run for over 18 years with no changes.

JL Audio’s superior engineered W7 line up has accomplished this. The W7 comes in 8”, 10”, 12” and 13.5” sizes. They are heavy subwoofers with large motor structures. The 8W7 is 17lbs, 10W7 is 30lbs, 12W7 is 45lbs and the 13W7 is a 52lb subwoofer. When we build enclosures for these massive subs, we use 1” mdf to build the enclosures and add internal bracing. This helps limit flex in the enclosures and help the woofer maximize its excursion. They will run sealed or ported enclosures. Both sound awesome, but the ported style is the consumer favorite.

The design is engineered very well with a huge surround system that gives these woofers massive up and down movement, which moves lots of air giving tons of volume. It has a “W” cone and elevated frame cooling with a cross drilled internal pole piece that vents air around the voice coil to keep it cool.

Sound wise this is JL Audio’s #1 sound quality subwoofer. It creates a low and deep sounding realistic and accurate bass response. The physics behind speaker design allow you to only put 1 or 2 of these woofers and achieve the desired output you want, instead of having to install 4-6 subwoofers of regular brands. Power handling on these drivers is huge to; the 8w7 can handle up to 500 watts, and the 10W7 up to 750 watts. The 12W7 can handle up to 1000 watts and the 13W7 can handle up to 1500 watts of power.

To experience a W7 is something special; it astounds people every time they hear them.