Product Focus – Radar and Radenso: The Pro-M

August 08, 2019

A Quick Review by Thomas Westbrook – Certified Radio 12V Specialist

Radar in Alberta: it is expensive and over the top for drivers in our Province. New technology comes out on a regular basis and hard to keep up with. Fortunately the Radenso Pro-M rises to the challenge. Upgradable, this tiny piece packs a punch with both Range, and detecting capabilities. Not only that but it’s small stature makes it difficult to spot with the eye, and its stealth capability makes it undetectable. This is backed up with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, and a 1 year ticket free guarantee. This all comes together for a great radar detector in a small package.

To get started let’s talk about radar first. The latest batch of radar and radar detector technology to come out is Multa Radar also called Low K or MRCD. MRCD is a K band frequency that projects on the lower side of the scale which isn’t detectable by non-MRCD detectors. These radars are most commonly found in Edmonton and Grande Prairie, but are quickly becoming more popular in other areas. Radar detectors themselves work by sending out waves of transmissions in different frequencies (K, Ka, X) and bouncing them back to the officer to project your speed. Detectors intercept these waves and bounce them back to you to give you advanced warning so you can slow down before the officer gets your speed.

What’s this all got to do with the Radenso Pro-M? Simple: It’s an MRCD detector. Unlike most radar detectors, the Pro-M hits the European low K frequencies (24.0GHz) that the Multa Radar gives off. It also does it with the best range on the market. Whether it’s a Mobile unit or container box the unit itself will give you plenty of time to slow down and avoid the ticket.

The stature of the Pro-M matters. It’s physically the smallest of Radar detectors. Producing the dimensions of only 3-5/8th inches length, 2-2/8th inches width, and a height of only 1 inch it’s easy to mistake it for a garage door opener or something smaller in your car. This also makes it easy to store and stash away in your car. Accessories exist to clip it to your visor, or blend-mount it to your rearview mirror.

The Pro-M is also capable of picking up Laser in its well established capabilities. Consumers do need to be aware that laser guns will not give any advanced warning. If you’re in a crowd of cars and your detector is showing POP/Laser Slow down, you may not have been tagged. If you’re all alone and your detector goes off chances are you’re getting a ticket. Another type of Laser exists, scatter laser or Dragon Eye. These types of laser cannot be detected, only shifted.

The Radenso boasts another ability to save you stress, GPS Lockout for false alerts. This is the ability to lockout false alerts and makes it so you no longer have to worry about trouble areas setting off your Radar for no reason. The GPS Lockout isn’t the only thing giving you a smoother ride, Auto-City mode turns off Bands not used by the city to reduce false sensing as well. Radenso as a Company also is top of the line with its filtering. Radar in vehicles with blindspot controls will very rarely trigger your detector.

All of this and Radenso backs their product. This company boasts a 2 year warranty, a 1 year ticket free guarantee and lifetime free updates for the Pro-M. The updates happen on a regular basis making sure the radar detector is on top of the game. To update the Radenso it’s as easy as downloading the updater and plugging in your device. For a product that does everything you need in a windshield radar detector, the price of the Radenso at a retail of $799.99 Canadian is the total package. Long Range, Stealth, MRCD capable, 2 year warranty and a ticket free guarantee this product is sure to be a product that pleases.

Radenso Pro M Key Features:

• Extreme Radar Detection Range

• MultaRadar Detection (MRCD, MRCT)

• Laser Detection

• GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts

• Red Light & Speed Camera alerts

• Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)

• Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering

• Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) false filter for traffic sensors

• Voice alerts with 260 different messages

• Updatable firmware and camera database with free lifetime updates

• Stealth to radar detector detectors (VG2 / Spectre Elite)

• 2 year manufacturer warranty

• 1 year radar ticket free guarantee

• 30 day money back guarantee from