Product Focus – Kenwood DDX9705S

May 27, 2019

A quick review by Thomas Westbrook – Certified Radio 12V Specialist

The easiest way to describe the Kenwood DDX9705S is high end quality at a moderate price. Naturally that description fails to speak about the beautiful 6.95” High Contrast Touch Screen, The High Resolution Audio Capability, and full dual cell phone integration through Bluetooth streaming and dual USB. Equipped with a 13 band Equalizer and ability to do Digital Time Alignment, this system gives you full control of your sound.  You combine that with full Maestro compatibility, dual camera inputs, and ability to integrate with the Kenwood DRV-N520 Dash Camera it’s easy to see that this unit is a powerhouse.

The 6.95” touch screen provides high quality viewing experience without any driving glare. The display itself is vibrant in its colors, plays DVD’s in high resolution, and incredibly responsive with the touch screen. Like other touch screen models, it’s completely adjustable in its brightness and, if your vehicle has it, auto-dimming for your night driving. Text is easy to read, and all of the widgets on the screens are adjustable giving you the ability to customize, add your own backgrounds, and make it truly feel like yours.

High Resolution Audio: Also called High Res Audio, these are the audio files that exceed the quality of standard CD’s. The DDX9705S has full capability using its 4 volt pre-outs to pair with high res speakers and amplifiers to beautifully capture all the intricate details of your sound. This, combined with the 13 band equalization and time alignment, will maximize your music. You will have the ability to aim your music where you need it, and focus where you want it. Are you the only one in the vehicle? Aim all of the music to hit you and maximize your speakers to you and have your music your way.

Kenwood doesn’t just produce sound; they help keep you safe as well. Compatible with the DRV-N520 this dash cam will be viewable on the 9705S’s screen, give you lane departure warnings, and collision warnings! Combine that with the dual camera inputs to help you get an overall better view around your car and you have a formula to produce better safety! This unit is fully able to be integrated with your Android or Apple cell phone. Just plug in your phone into one of the two USB ports for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration! Get your navigation, music, and messaging without ever having to touch your phone. If you don’t want to plug your Android phone in; the DDX9705S has complete wireless android functionality through Android Auto.

Is your car newer? Use a Maestro RR in your install and unlock the full feature list available for your vehicle in the DDX9705S! Get a lot of speeding tickets!? When integrated with Maestro the DDX9705S  includes full control over some of the K40 laser shifter units! Other features that might be available are user selectable gauges, code reading, and individual tire pressures displayed on screen.

To summarize, the DDX9705S feature for feature is a high valued unit at a moderate price of $980.00. A combination of high end sound features in combination with compatibility of safety and factory integration features puts this unit at the top of the pack leaving very little to be desired.