West Side Staff

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Name: Lyle Makokis
Nickname: Mako
With Certified Radio since: 2009
Title: Assistant Manager
Hobbies: Skidooing, truck building, playing with his Son, mountain biking, and roller blading
Accomplishments: Lyle has been in management at other retail car audio stores and brings his expertise to Certified West to help our team succeed.
Name: Andrew Cline
With Certified Radio since: 2016
Title: Assistant Manager
Hobbies: Classic European cars, classic Japanese cars, Drifting and grassroots motorsports, mountain biking, hiking, road trips.
Accomplishments: Been in the mobile electronics industry for over 17 years. Started out in grade school as a shop helper on work experience, that turned into a lifetime passion, from a seasoned installer to national tech support to managing several install bays over the past 17 years I hope to add my skills and expertise to Certified Radio west and its’ loyal customer base.
Name: Darryl Dahl
Nickname: Dr. D
With Certified Radio since: 1997
Title: Sales and Marketing Manager
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Skiing, Outdoors.
Accomplishments: Darryl has been in car audio for over 20 years. He designed the Certified Radio Sound Team, who traveled all over going to IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) car audio competitions. They achieved over 350 trophies from their competitions. Darryl has been invited to the IASCA World finals for car audio competition 4 times. His unique personality adds an undeniable element of fun to anything he organizes. He was first trained as a car starter specialist. Since then he has perfected designing car audio systems. At the stores you’ll find him organizing our advertizing and training sales staff, planning our events, controlling our social media. He has also been announcer for the Driftwest and Spec-D Pro Western Canada Drift series and does Drift Car Marketing and is a member of Shawn Hawley’s Clarion Drift Team. Darryl is an IASCA Certified judge for sound quality and installation and he also is a Certified Ski instructor.
Name: Kevin Tran
With Certified Radio since: 2016
Title: 12 Volt System Designer and 780 Tuners Moderator
Hobbies: Hockey, Photography, Automotive tech, Motorcycle Gear Head. Car Racer, Motorcycle rider.
Accomplishments: Computer Engineer Tech, Automotive Tech, Detailer, 780 Tuners Moderator.