Through attendance of trade shows, networking, and trade magazines we continually search for new and innovative products.  Whenever possible we deal directly with the manufacturer.  We maintain highly trained staff to provide retail, wholesale, mobile sales and installation, and repairs.  Even though we cater to a specialized market our ability to target leading edge technology enables us to present a large selection of specialized products.  Our technical expertise allows us to be first in the market place with quality innovative products.

Through highly trained service personnel and state-of-the-art equipment we can meet the needs of OEM and industrial customers.

Our marketing policy is to be competitive but we do not sell on price, we sell on quality, innovation and service.

We can best compete by continuing our leading edge product strategy, technical expertise and capacity advantage.

We must stress the quality of installation, repair, product knowledge and ability to service what we sell.

We can provide a complete package for the customer.  Customer service is our focus.

We can best compete by maximizing brand name advantage, providing technical support, and continuity of personnel.

Our removal and reinstallation capabilities provide an advantage over our competitors for car audio repairs.