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High Hopes Sale

October 15,2011 was Certified Radio West High Hopes Sale.
We had a sale and had K-97’s Todd James high in a RSC rentals crane lift high above the store announcing live from the crane. Along with a great sale, our goal was to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation of Northern Alberta.

We succeeded and raised over $1100 dollars that day with $5 from every car starters sold being donated, plus the proceeds from our Charity BBQ we had going on outside.
It turned out to be a nice October day.
Certified Radio helped with a Wish a young man had of customizing his truck’s audio system a few years ago and were glad to say he’s still enjoying his sound system today.

Distracted Driving Law in Effect

Drive SafeThe Government of Alberta has issued Distracted Driving Legislation that prohibits hand-held cell phone use, texting, and emailing while driving. The fine for distracted driving is $172. Download the info sheet here.

Titan Tracking TMS 200

Titan TMS 200

Certified Radio: Edmonton’s King of Car Starters!

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